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Registered Veterinary Technicians Association
                                  Advancing RVT Professionals through Education, Science and Legislation
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Legislative / Regulatory

     - Nancy Ehrlich, Chair & Liason
The CaRVTA Regulatory/Legislative Committee member is in attendance at all VMB, RVT Task Force, and MDC meetings to report on information that is important to our members, as well as to represent CaRVTA when appropriate.
The Leg/Reg Committee is looking for more committee members. If you are interested, be sure to e-mail Nancy Ehrlich at info@carvta.org.
Most state meetings take place in Sacramento, although VMB meetings sometimes are scheduled for Southern California.

Continuing Education

Allyne Moon, RVT, Chair
Jayne Camic, RVT
Sue Brodbeck, RVT
Liz Hugston, RVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM)
The role of the CaRVTA Continuing Education (CE) Committee is to provide an approval process and certification of CE content. The aim of the Continuing Education Committee is to help provide quality CE content and record keeping. We will strive to provide the help needed by individuals who want to obtain accreditation for their organizational or individual presentation and/or training courses. Our vision of the California Registered Veterinary Technicians Association is dedicated to strengthening the veterinary health care team and promoting the role of the licensed RVT in the veterinary care profession.

Mentor Committee

Pam Maurer, RVT, Chair
Liz Hughston, RVT, Secretary
Chris Stenroos, RVT
Patricia Zehna, RVT
The role of the CaRVTA Mentor Committee is to provide a distinctive Mentor Program which builds on and enhances growth as a California RVT student or newly licensed RVT. The aim of the Mentor Program is to help prepare RVT students and newly licensed RVTs who are committed to a process of life-long learning pursue a career in the veterinary field. Our vision is to increase the knowledge and standards of future RVTs by providing a network of RVTs that have a desire to help others succeed in the RVT profession. Whether you qualify as a Mentee or a Mentor, the CaRVTA Mentor Program is an exciting opportunity for career development and professional networking, as well as an important addition to your resume or curriculum vita. For more information or for questions regarding Program Membership, contact the Mentor Program at: mentoring@carvta.org

The California Registered Veterinary Techncians Association is committed to helping our members become leaders in the RVT field.   CaRVTA memberships are availaable to all individuals involved in the veterinary and animal care profession; from practicing RVTs and industry providers to veterinary practice managers and students enrolled in California RVT programs. We work hard to make sure our members voices are heard in Sacramento.  We represent the RVT's at the Veterinary Medical Board meetings. 
Disaster Committee
Social Media Committee