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For each meeting of the VMB or the MDC, a CaRVTA Regulatory/Legislative Committee member is in attendance to report back on information that is important to our members, as well as to represent CaRVTA when appropriate.  
The MDC and VMB meetings are being webcasted live when the meetings are held in the new Sacramento building.
The webcasts can be viewed live by logging in HERE at the date and time of the meeting.

State Bill Updates

Licensing Exam Statistics

Pass rates for the California RVT Licensing Exam have been reported as:

July-Dec. 2015: 94%    
Jan.-June 2015: 96%    
July-Dec. 2014: 67%

First Law Exam Statistics Released

The first results for the new California RVT Exam (law exam) were presented. The Veterinary Medical Board (VMB) reported that 24 candidates had taken the new exam, and 54% had passed. The state Office of Professional Examination Services (OPES), which administers the exam, has informed the VMB that there were two distinct groups of candidates: one group that had very high scores on the exam; and, one that had very low scores. The presumption is that the high scorers were well prepared for the exam and the low scorers were not. Candidates were told whether they passed or failed, but were not given their actual scores, which they will receive in early May. The OPES is still working on the individual test item statistics and may end up removing some items from future exams if they perform poorly. The OPES emphasized that since those who failed the exam did so poorly, removing some items from scoring would not affect the pass rate.

Unlicensed Veterinary Activity

When the VMB receives a complaint about unlicensed activity, it first investigates the complaint. Second, it sends a Cease & Desist letter to the individual, giving them an opportunity to explain whether or not they are actually engaged in the unlicensed activity. If they are performing the activity and do not desist, they are issued a citation and fine. They may also be referred to the local District Attorney for criminal prosecution. The VMB has passed a motion to direct its legal counsel to investigate further enforcement options.
How to file a complaint
If you prefer, you can contact CaRVTA's Regulatory/Legislative Liaison by sending an email to:
or calling (916) 244-2494 ext 210.

CE Audits

The VMB sends notices to licensees 90-120 days prior to their relicensure dates, notifying individuals that they have been selected for a CE audit. This procedure is intended to give licensees enough time to acquire the CE if they don't already have it. Approximately 10% of licensees are audited each year. RVTs should keep their CE certificates on file and not send them in with their license renewals, unless they have been notified that they are being audited.

VMB Publications
The Radiation Safety Guide has been updated and contains an open-book exam, which can be used by veterinary assistants to satisfy the new requirement that they receive radiation safety training prior to operating radiographic equipment. To fulfill this requirement, you can read the current guide and complete its exam HERE.
The VMB voted to expend the funds necessary to send a copy of the new Hospital Standards Self-Evaluation Checklist to every veterinary premise. They also agreed to send a notification to all RVTs regarding the mandatory CE requirements.